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About Me

You found Me!  I’m Wendy and I’m a qualified Independent Celebrant! Originally from the UK, but now based in Southern Spain, it’s my job to conduct ceremonies across all of Spain as well as other countries around Europe on request, because what kind of celebrant would I be to limit myself to just one country?

My ceremonies are all about you, no script is needed because they’re handcrafted around your love story incorporating personality quirks that make it uniquely yours.

My ceremonies are filled with all the joys of life, reflecting dignity and diversity in its participants. I help you select readings that best reflect your relationship, as well music stories and views to make for an unforgettable event!

Weddings are a celebration of love between two people and a sincere promise made in front of family, friends – the most important commitment that anyone can make.

The momentous occasion in one’s lifetime, where two people commit themselves to one another till the end of their days.  This was always a simple traditional affair, right up until some enterprising individuals thought there must be a better way – hence  celebrants made their debut creating beautifully personalised ceremonies.  The idea for me came from personal tragedy which turned into personal triumph at finding another career path.

My friends call me Aunty Wendy because I am a good listener.  As a Celebrant, I have the privilege of as well as the honour of leading wedding ceremonies.  I am there to guide, it’s my role to take the stress of the service or ceremony away so that you can get on with enjoying your special day.  That is the best part of my job, making memories that will live on for years to come.


Wedding Ceremonies in Spain

The perfect day to be uniquely you!  A wedding should make dreams come true, not nightmares. Let’s get creative and have the most amazing time ever with your family and friends while celebrating this life changing moment in every way that speaks to YOU personally.

Everyone is welcome no need to ask, let’s make your day unique from first to last! After all love transcends us all, so you can focus on what makes your hearts really sing – being yourselves for a change, or two amongst  loved ones who will celebrate along side through it all because they know how important it truly is as well. 

While we all have stories to create, you may be feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. Don’t worry! I can help with anything from quick but personal vows, or more bespoke ones! Whether it’s a fast process or something made just how you like it, let me be of assistance in creating only one story: yours.

You’re about to become the love of your life’s one and only husband or wife! You want everything just right on this special day, so you need a celebrant that can help make it happen. I’m here to take care of all of your ceremony needs, as we figure out what will work best for everyone involved in your ceremony. With me by your side helping create memories with ease, any worries or stresses are gone; no detail is too small where my expertise isn’t needed either!

A Celebrant led wedding is the perfect way to include your friends and family in such a special day. You get so many opportunities, from vows written by you or someone else that reflect who you are as people, poems and readings selected with care, chosen just for the two of you.  I’m here to help make this momentous occasion one worth remembering!

Click here to book a call and let’s get started, it’s always a perfect day for a wedding!

from £800

Vow Renewals in Spain

Couples who have been through a difficult time in their lives may want to renew their vows on the day of their wedding anniversary, and this is one way for them to take stock of how they’ve come out stronger. Others might be interested in re-living that feeling from when everything was new with loved ones by inviting those friends or family members again. Whatever your reason for wanting a vow renewal ceremony, I can help you make it memorable!

Couples often choose an anniversary as a chance to renew old vows and reflect upon what’s happened since then, both good things like having children together; but also the not so good times such as illness or financial troubles.  They get to do this with all their friends and family as they come to bear witness to your love for one another.

Do you want the ceremony to be intimate and romantic, or informal filled with fun and laughter? A special ceremony that will involve all those in attendance is always an excellent way to start what promises to be a fabulous day!  Click here to book a call and let’s get started, it’s always a perfect day to say I love you!

from £800 

Baby Namings in Spain

A traditional baptism or christening is not for everyone. Let me create a ceremony that speaks to you–you can have your words, music venue and time of choice! Involve family members from all over the world; make this day one where friends are welcomed too. If you choose godparents they will be responsible adults ready to guide your child in accordance with what matters most to you

You may not follow a religion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have life mentors. Moral or honourable guardians are those who will help pass on crucial skills and experience to your child as they grow into adulthood

Using a traditional ceremony to welcome new children into the family is not only meaningful, but will also help create memories.  These rituals can be as personal or elaborate as you want and include many activities that are tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re adopting children or becoming someone’s step-parent soon, it might be time to think about throwing them a welcoming party with all your friends present who can welcome them too!

Click here to book a call and let’s get started, it’s always a great day to say welcome to the family, we are so glad you are here!

from £500

Funerals in Spain

No one expects to lose a loved-one, but when they do the grief and sadness can be overwhelming. Funerals are sad; there will be tears of sadness that you must endure as well happy memories of your time with them. It’s during these difficult times in life where we have an opportunity to come together – not only with our friends and family members who may also feel this pain too, but all those people whom we haven’t had any contact from for years or decades.  This can be a time to reconnect through loss.

Funerals are hard, but Celebrant led funerals make it easier. This is because I will work with you to write a funeral service that reflects your loved one’s life and personality, so the words come from them instead of me giving some generic speech on their behalf. You can choose whatever music you like for the ceremony – be it an old favourite like “we’ll meet again” or something newer like “I Will Always Love You”. There’s nothing wrong in remembering when times were cheerful and full of life and love during this difficult time, as we are celebrating the lost loved-one’s memories!

Having someone to say goodbye is a blessing, and letting them know how much you care for, and love them can be the most important thing in your life! If this sounds like something that’s on your mind, I’m here to help make sure it all goes smoothly; whatever you want or need from me, anything at all, just ask…I will always make time to help.  Click here to book a call and find out more about how I can help and support you as you say goodbye for the final time!

from £300

Alternative Ceremonies


The handtying ceremony is where the term “tying the knot” came from and may be used in many ways during your ceremony. We will work together to get the perfect ribbon or cord, colours, textures, etc that will portray your personalities on the day.  On the day I explain to those present what handtying means and what will happen, and then the couple will hold hands – this is to show they are entering into the marriage of their own free will, they can hold one or both hands. The cords are then wrapped around the couple’s hands, and as this takes place I will read a few words, the couple may then either say some special vows they have prepared or we move forward to the part of the wedding ceremony where they exchange their rings or other items of meaning.  I will work with you to ensure it is just as you want it to be.


The Covenant of Salt

This ritual dates back to ancient times when salt was a precious commodity and was used as a way of showing a connection with someone, there is an ancient Arabic saying “there is salt between us”, this means they have eaten, made that connection and become friends.  Today we use the salt ceremony as a way of asking that the love and devotion within the relationship be “preserved” by the salt.  This can be carried out in several ways, such as placing a few grains on the tongue, pouring salt into a decorative container or we can write a ritual just for you around the number of people you wish to be involved.


Ring Warming

This is a beautiful ritual where the wedding rings are passed around the immediate members of the family or the whole congregation (depending on size!) and as they hold them in their hands they can either make a declaration out loud to the couple of their love and best wishes for their life together, or they can silently pass on their love into the ring.  I have a lovely ceremony which requires the assistance of a younger member of the family and this makes a lovely addition to any ceremony.


Spanish Arras

This is a ritual that goes back to ancient times when a coin of gold or silver was broken into two pieces, one half was given to the women and the other to the man as a sign of their pledge to one another.  Now we use 13 coins in many different ways during the ceremony which may involve the just the couple or include members of the family.


Included in every package:

  • Initial consultation
  • Meetings: either in person or via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or Viber
  • Communication with friends and family nominated by you to provide background
  • Writing your bespoke ceremony (unlimited drafts)
  • Performance of ceremony
  • Presentation copy of written ceremony and certificate (if signed as part of the ceremony)

Packages available at discounted rates; please contact me to discuss.

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