When you are planning your wedding, there is a lot to consider, the venue, the ceremony, where to find a Celebrant, the honeymoon, how many people, and of course grandma and grandad!  Will you have a 3 Day Wedding or 1 Day?  We’ve all heard a wedding couple say “it was over within a blink of an eye, we can’t believe it finished so soon”.  I have to say I felt the same about my wedding day, but when I look back, start to finish it was 15 hrs and felt like 30 minutes!  So, let’s look at the pros and cons of having a 3 Day Wedding or a 1 Day.


The pros having a 3 Day Wedding means that you and your guests don’t have to rush at all.  It gives you and them time to travel to the venue, relax, get to know your way around.  For you and your loved-one, it gives you time to have your nails done or, perhaps have a relaxing massage, most definitely, some chill-out time together before your big day!



The next is TIME, you’re already at the venue, which cuts out any travel time!  This means you can get up and relax through breakfast without worrying about when you’ll have to leave because it’s quite literally a few minutes’ walk to the ceremony area!  Also, you know your guests will arrive on time as they will be staying with you!  Boom –  win for you, and win for your guests who really will appreciate that extra time to prepare – especially if they have little ones with them!

Post Ceremony

Once your ceremony is over, you and your loved-one can slip away to your room for a post ceremony glass of champagne and half an hour down time, before you start to mingle with your guests.  A little tip!  Arrange to have some nibbles sent with the Champagne, you won’t want to get too tipsy and miss any of your day!


A gift bag for your guests is always a good way to start!  If you are marrying in the sun then something like flip flops or sun protection is a great way to go.  You will want to keep them up to date with the itinerary for the 3 days so why not have this hand printed on a fan?  Day 1 and 3 on one side and the details of your ceremony and date on the other.  It’s useful and it’s a great keepsake!  If you have a lot of children attending, consider hiring a wedding nanny, and maybe an entertainer for the.  This will also give the mums and dads some quiet time for which they will love you forever!



And so, to the cons.  The cost of attending a 3 Day Wedding may be prohibitive to some of your guests, particularly if they have children.  This is something you’ll need to consider, if it’s someone you must have there, then you may need to contribute to their costs if you’re not already doing so.  If you want a weekend, not only will you have to ensure you book well in advance, it’ll also increase your costs as weekends are prime time.  But if you’re making it part of your larger extended holiday, then why not book weekdays as you’ll be there anyway and you will have a greater choice of dates.

1 Day Event

There are many reasons to consider a 1 Day event.  It’ll give your guests a greater chance of attending as many may find it difficult to get away for three days whether it be getting time away from the office or due to cost.  


If you have a 1 Day event and don’t need to stay at the venue then you’ll have a greater choice of venues open up to you.  It could be substantially cheaper, leaving money in your budget to upgrade your honeymoon, the venue, catering or perhaps to a include live musician as well as a DJ for later when the dancing starts.



If you are having a 1 Day event then you may want to consider how much time that’ll give you with your guests before they fly home or you fly off to your honeymoon.  So, consider the time of your wedding.  If you have an 11.00 a.m. ceremony, that gives you plenty of time to get ready as well as plenty of time later in the day to spend with your guests.  Word of caution to those having a summer wedding in Spain, by midday its hot hot hot!  So, you’ll need to be sure to provide soft drinks and water for your guests, to ensure that one glass of wine doesn’t go straight to their head!  Post ceremony drinks with plenty of canapés and nibbles prior to your wedding meal will help with this.     


The main con with a 1 Day event is time!  Remember that saying “it was all over within a blink of an eye”…  So, having an early ceremony will give you more time in the afternoon and evening to spend with your guests.  However, you’ll need to consider whether you are just going to have your main meal at lunch or in the evening.  And how you will transition to the after-party into the night?  Whatever you choose, you will need to consider the heat in regards to catering and of course the children.  Definitely consider a wedding nanny for any small children leaving your guests free to enjoy their day.

Whether you decide on a 3 Day Wedding or just the 1, I hope this helps with your decisions when planning your day.  Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to have a great weather and a fabulous time in Spain.  If you would like any advice on how to make your ceremony completely awesome then click here!


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