I’m Wendy Sherwood, a celebrant in Spain. Let me introduce myself, and tell you a little about how I got here.  I’ve always travelled, I love going to new places, and I’ve loved Spain all my life, spending many a great holiday there and never wanting to go leave. If only I’d known then that that sooner rather than later I’d be able to purchase a property out there, and not too long after that I’d be calling it home, permanently. 


Returning from one blissful trip, I went into the office on the Monday morning to be told I was in the “pot” – my position was at risk.  I was told I’d have to reapply for my role and it was going to be at a lower salary – yes really!  As I was listening to the next steps, all I could think of was; this is it, Spain here I come, finally it’s happening!

I spoke to my husband, we crunched the numbers, and decided it really was a no-brainer that I’d take the redundancy package on offer – rude not too!

So, October 2018 we hopped on a plane and as it touched down, I knew I’d come home, this was the start of our new life.  I felt as though my whole being gave a big sigh and relaxed.  


How and why did I become a celebrant in Spain?  Well, my first wedding did not go as planned (long story), and even back then I was beginning to think there must be a better way…

My role in London involved a lot of listening, I was never just a person who did a job, I was always someone who would listen and advise.  

I lost my mother to cancer, she was young and full of life at the age of 63.  She knew she was dying and so we planned her funeral as a family, she chose the music and the vicar whom she had known for years.  She loved fireworks and waited until 5 November at 11.55 p.m. to pass, I knew she wanted to listen to all the whizz bang pops just one last time!


Although we spent some time with the vicar, on the day I didn’t know who she was talking about, I have never been so disappointed. I remembered that feeling again – there has to be a better way.  And there was!

Later when I found myself planning another family funeral, I asked for a celebrant.  He did such a fantastic job – it was personal, filled with stories and memories, and it was then I said, that’s what I want to do.

My friends call me Aunty Wendy because I am a good listener.  Working as a Celebrant in Spain, I have the privilege of leading funerals as well as the honour of leading wedding ceremonies.  Both can be intense and stressful days, but in different ways.  In both cases, I am there to guide; it’s my role to take the stress of the service or ceremony away, so people can get on with remembering loved ones or enjoying their special day.  That is the best part of my job, celebrating life’s important moments, and making memories that will live on for years to come.

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