It’s the end of January 2021, and love is blossoming all around us.  Yes, we are still in quite challenging times, but you have not stopped falling in love and are still wanting to plan your wedding.  It may be smaller, but a more intimate wedding could also lead to more choice.  Have your thought about an intimate wedding in Spain?  Southern Spain is an amazing place to visit and is perfect for an intimate wedding!  So where to start?  Let’s look at the how, who, when, where?


Who will attend your wedding?

An intimate wedding means different things to different people!  Who will attend your wedding and how many does that look like, 2, 4, or 6 guests?  Are you looking at 30 instead of 150?  To me an intimate wedding means no more than 10 people including the wedding couple!  With that small a number you have so much more choice, you can raise the luxury level or you can decide to have more than one celebration with different groups of friends.


Destination of Choice?

Pick the destination of your choice, stick with it, and don’t deviate!  By this I mean choose your province and city such as Andalucia, Malaga, Seville, Granada, and BOOM, you are on your way!.  Do you have an area you have visited before that you know and love, or maybe you want to try somewhere completely different?

By don’t deviate I mean, when others start saying “oh but blah blah is so lovely at that time of the year” agree politely and move on!  Do not be swayed by that person, remember it’s your day so do it your way!  You can always go back to the suggested location at a later date!


When to hold your wedding day?

In Spain we are lucky enough to have over 300 days sunshine each year so when to hold your wedding day is solely dependent on the season you prefer.  Spring is lovely, Sumer is scorchio, Autumn is colourful and in Winter you can sit on the beach or ski in the mountains!  When will you choose?

How will you celebrate your day?

With smaller groups you are spoilt for choice, hotel, restaurant, hacienda, cortijo, beach or boat they are all there for your choice.  Once of my favourites is ….   Imagine, your turn up at the marina at midday, the photographer takes some beautiful photographs as you board the boat of your choice.  Will it be the luxury motor yacht, the catamaran or the traditional wooden Spanish fishing boat?  Once on board you set sail out of the harbour and find a beautiful secluded area for the ceremony to begin out at sea.  After the ceremony you and your guests enjoy champagne and tapas onboard before you sail back to harbour and on to a lovely local restaurant for drinks and dinner. How romantic would that be?

Wherever and however you decide to celebrate your wedding in Spain, you will have a fabulous time.  The people are friendly and full of fun and want you to have the best day possible.  Celebrating life’s important moments is important, so celebrate yours the way you want to, say the words you want to, under the sun!  

Celebrating life’s important moments is what I love to do, and I do this by composing, writing and delivering beautiful, meaningful, romantic and emotional ceremonies.  if you would like more information on what to include in the perfect ceremony for your wedding then please contact me here


Lara-Jayne Jackson
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