It´s Easter Monday for some, it´s “oh no it´s Monday again already” for others and for me it´s Monday, the start of the week, and I´m thinking about what I have to look forward to and planning ahead!  Many of you will have gotten engaged this weekend, and so I ask, are you planning ahead or starting to think about planning ahead for your wedding?  Many of you will be wanting to come to Spain, so here is a little update and some thoughts for you to consider!


Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung and the Lambs and the Kids on the local farms are out and about bleating and looking for their mothers and this weekend should have been the biggest holiday for the Spanish people but most if not all, of the usual celebrations did not go ahead.  Instead, families and friends got together to spend some quality time.


Spain still has its people in quite a tight lockdown.  This means that if you live in Andalucia, you cannot travel outside of Andalucia.  Andalucia has worked really hard to get their numbers down and they continue to do so. We have a 10.30 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. curfew


OK so here come the practicalities!  THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT WANT an update and some advice then please, by all means, stop reading now, I won´t be offended, no really, I won´t!

Are you planning ahead? If you are and you are still here, let´s crack on!


So, let´s talk about that big grey elephant in the Room!  Yes, I´m going to say it, COVID.  There it´s done, I said it!  COVID has been the nightmare of last year and the early part of this.  Most weddings, if not all, were moved or in some cases, cancelled until further notice.  So here´s a little update for you about Spain.


Spain, wedding wise?

Currently in Spain, wedding wise, venues are allowed to work at 75% capacity up to a maximum of 100 people inside and 150 outside.  All food is table service, with a maximum of 4 people indoors, and 6 outdoors.  The sun is already shining, with over 300 days sunshine in Southern Spain… well let´s just say Spain is always ready for a wedding!

Great News!

That´s great news for those of you just starting to plan, and I have to say those in the wedding industry embraced the covid restrictions immediately.  They are all well prepared for the future and have adapted their venues accordingly.  So, tables that sat 10-12 now seat 6, and they bring more tables!  That is the great thing with Spain, because of the weather everything takes place outside.  They have so much room, they just bring in more tables! 


Many countries are not allowed to fly at the moment, for example those living in the UK are unable to fly unless it´s for very specific reasons.  This does not stop those of you living there from planning their weddings.  In fact, I would say start planning now.  And this is why!

Last year was a disaster for weddings, for the most part they did not happen and if they did, they didn´t happen as the couple had expected.  Most of them were moved forward to this year, and now again we are moving to later in the year and next year.  What does this mean for you if you are planning now, for next year?  Well, I would say, find a planner, find a venue, and book your celebrant if you are looking at next year, because the diaries are filling

Use a planner

The reason I say use a planner is because, if you do not speak Spanish it´s easier for you.  They will source all the photographers, musicians, DJs etc., and if for any reason you have to change the date, they will do all the rearranging and contact everyone who is working on your wedding, you won´t have to do this in a language you do´nt  speak!  

Tip #1

Make sure you have contracts with all your suppliers, and make sure you read them!  If you don´t understand it ask them to explain it to you or get it checked out by someone who does.  Contracts are there to protect not just your suppliers, but you too!  Ensure you know exactly what will happen if you have to move the date. 

Tip #2 

Discuss with your each of your suppliers how easy it would be for them to increase or reduce the numbers of your wedding were it to become necessary, so you know exactly how much notice to you have to give them. The last thing you want is to invite more people and then not be able to accommodate them at the table!

Tip #3 

Wherever in the world you are getting married, you should be following Tips #1 and #2 above.  That way you can plan ahead in the knowledge that you know exactly what is going to happen, how and when.  

Oh My Gosh!

Now if you have got to here, you may be thinking “oh my gosh! that sounds like too much hassle and depressing.  I don´t want to have to think about paperwork, I just want to think about my dress, my new suit I am going to buy and what wine to serve”!

I get that, believe me, I do!  However, last year many couples were so disappointed because they had to move their date, and then even more so BECAUSE THEY HADN´T READ their contracts which they signed!  So read, ask questions and discuss!

The best day of your life!

I don’t say this to scare you off or make you feel down, I just want you to have the best day of your life!  All those engaged to work on your wedding with you, want you to have the best day ever and they will do their best to give that to you.  You will be spending a large amount of money, so I say, start planning, do it in a careful and considered way, and you WILL have the best day ever!


If you you are looking for a celebrant in your area, then The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and The Celebrant Directory are two of the best places to begin that search.

I love celebrating life´s most important moments and would love nothing more than to share your wedding day with you.  Click here to book a free consultation to find out how I can help you make your wedding perfect for you!  

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