The appearance of this awful virus, COVID-19, has brought with it, restrictions that are stopping many people travelling due to the need to quarantine on their return.  So how does this change your ability to hold your wedding in Spain?   It doesn’t!  Weddings in Spain are carrying on, they’re just smaller, more intimate.  Some people are calling them minimonies, I like to call them Intimonies!  Whatever we call them, intimate weddings in Spain are happening.

What is an intimate wedding?

So, I hear you ask what counts as an intimate wedding in Spain?  Well, they range from the lovely couple on their own, to the couple with 4-6 guests.  That is a small, and beautifully intimate wedding. Ok, so what if you have an intimate wedding, what happens to the rest of the people you want to be there to celebrate with you on your wedding day?  

Intimate wedding day options

Well, there are many options open to you, and here are a couple of ideas for you to consider.  Hold your Intimony with those closest to you.  Then, celebrate your wedding day with all your friends and family when you are back home, and restrictions are lifted. You get to have the ceremony of your dreams in Spain, and you get to have a big party with all your family and friends when the time allows.

Another option could be, depending on where you decide to hold your ceremony, streaming your Intimony to all your friends and family around the world!  You still get to hold your ceremony on your day of choice, at the amazing venue of your choice, your friends and family get to participate on the day.  Then when the law allows you get to have a second big party with everyone together to celebrate your love for one another.  

Intimate wedding planners in Spain?

Well, I cannot stress enough, a wedding planner will always know the best people to go to. They work with these people all the time. They know the service they provide, they trust them to provide the service you require and they will get you the best deal. 

They can suggest photographers that offer the service you require.  As well as florists, wedding cars, intimate venues and anything else you require.  As the way weddings are held have changed, the planners, photographers and others have had to change the way they work too.  So, a Planner will be able to explain these changes, how these people are now working, and what they can offer you. 

Intimate wedding venues in Spain

Well I am not going to list them as there are so many.  But what I will say is your Intimony will open up doors that larger parties were unable to go through.  Have you thought about a yacht? An intimate wedding on a yacht, sun, sea and champagne – just an idea. There are restaurants that have beautiful terraces overlooking the sea, mountains, gardens and castles.  They are open to you holding your Intimony with the amazing backdrop, and then what could be nicer than to have an amazing breakfast or supper at the venue.  Think about where you have visited and the views you have seen – ask the question of them and I am sure the answer will be a resounding – YES, we would love to have you and your guests celebrate your wedding with us.

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