In this blog I will talk about what a Celebrant is and what they can do for you.  I will also explain the legalities around your Celebrant Wedding both in the UK and Spain.

Wendy Sherwood Celebrant

What is a Celebrant?

An Independent Celebrant is a professional.  They are trained to officiate at formal ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, baby namings and so much more.  They are someone who is trained to write ceremony, and create ritual just for you.  They will make your day completely unique, and guide you through it step by step. 

Will my Celebrant Wedding be legal?

In Spain, as with most European countries, the marriage and the wedding are split.  The marriage is the legal part, where you say the few legally binding words, complete all the legal paperwork and sign the official register.  You are then free to go and celebrate your wedding day when and where you choose.  Whether you marry in a church or have a civil wedding, in Spain you need to go to your local town hall and complete the legalities and sign the register.  

In the UK, we traditionally held the marriage and the celebration ceremony on the same day.  We had two choices, marry in Church, sign the register in the presence of the priest or vicar, and then go off and have the “wedding breakfast”.  A church wedding has to take place between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.  Alternatively, we went to the local Register Office where a registrar performed a quick non-religious ceremony, we signed the register and then popped off to celebrate the day.

In England and Wales, the Church and the Registrars are the only two bodies legally authorised to solemnise your marriage.  So, you will need to do the legalities and sign the register at your local Register Office and then celebrate your wedding with your Celebrant.  If you wish to hold your wedding in Spain, I suggest you complete the legalities at your local Register Office at the cost of around £46 and then you can hold your wedding celebration when and wherever you wish.

So, why have a Celebrant?

Having an Independent Celebrant leading your ceremony, will give you the most flexibility when it comes to when, where, what, how and who!  You can hold your ceremony inside or outside.  When I say outside, I mean under the sky in the sunshine, nothing over your head!  It does not have to be at a licenced premise.  Your Celebrant will work with you to create and write your ceremony just for you around your beliefs and values.  They work with you to create your perfect day.

What can you include in your Ceremony?

With a Celebrant you can include anything you want in your ceremony.  You can have a hand-fasting, jump the broom, hold a sand ritual, or a wine ritual.  They will write this for you.  You could incorporate the traditional Jewish ritual of the breaking of the glass or the Spanish tradition of Las Arras which is a ritual where 13 coins are given to the bride.  Anything goes!

What music can I have?

With a Celebrant, you can have any type of music you want, the classical bridal chorus by Wagner to the Imperial March of the Stormtroopers in Star Wars, written by John Williams, it’s your day and you do it your way.   If you are not sure what to include, speak to your Celebrant, they will gladly provide some ideas once they know they style and format you want your day to take. 

Your Celebrant is there to Support You!

So, whether you want the classic, romantic, fairy tale wedding, or you want a Star Wars, The Hobbit, or Medieval styled wedding, your Celebrant will work with you to create and write an amazing ceremony.  There is a Celebrant out there just for you, someone who loves creating what you want for your day.  Someone who gets you, and someone who will guide you calmly through your day.  So, if you are looking for a Celebrant I suggest you check out the Celebrant Directory for an amazing Celebrant in the UK, Spain or indeed anywhere in the world, it’s the perfect place to start.

If you would like to know more about how I could help you personalise your wedding ceremony, please contact me here.


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