What does the word luxury mean to you?  Before we even think about weddings, let´s just think about what luxury means to you?  Luxury means lots of things to different people. For me, it’s a luxury to lay in bed on a Sunday morning, a pot of tea, reading the Sunday newspapers whilst sipping at my Darjeeling!  For others it may be getting out to run for an extra half an hour.  So, when it comes to a wedding, what is a luxury wedding?  What would that look like for you?

What does luxury look like?

When thinking about your wedding what does luxury look like?  Is it big and full of fanfare, 100´s of guests, glamorous, perhaps on a large yacht?  Is there lots of champagne, and a designer dress and suit?  What your luxury wedding looks like to you, may hold a completely different meaning to the next person.  


The finer things in life!

To most people something like champagne is a luxury, when compared to the average bottle of wine and beer, it´s expensive, and so is considered to be a luxury.  I do like a glass of champagne. I used to work in the City of London, and it was there in the 1980´s, (there you go, I´m giving my age away) I learned to drink champagne after work in the evening!  Not because money was no object, but because drinks in London bars were and still are expensive!  My friends and I found it was actually cheaper to buy a bottle of champagne, than it was to buy several rounds of drinks!  We didn´t drink as much and had many a great evening out so, I learned at that very young age, that I loved the taste of fizz!

My husband often jokes that I’m not high maintenance, but I’m an expensive date because I like a nice bottle of champagne!  Sometimes you just want to splurge out and have something out of the ordinary and, sometimes paying a little extra, saves you money in the long term, is that luxury?

How to have a luxury wedding!

If you plan well and look at all the options, your luxury wedding may not have to cost you tens of thousands of euros if having a luxury wedding is having exactly what you want on your wedding day!  How to have a luxury wedding, particularly in the wake of COVID, may be easier than you think!  Weddings parties are going to be smaller.  In order to stay safe in the foreseeable future, the smaller micro wedding is what couples are going for.  Which means if you are having a destination wedding, you may have more room in your budget to upgrade on wine, food and honeymoon!  So, think about what you want on your wedding day.  Luxury may mean having all your friends and family there.  However, that may not be possible for the next year or so.  How will you work around that to have the wedding you want?


Multi-venue wedding!

Consider this, it could be that you choose to have several micro weddings in order to involve everyone.  In the first instance you may choose mum, dad, grandpa and grandma to attend a micro-wedding close to home with a meal at a very nice local restaurant after the ceremony.  Then, you may choose to go with your brothers, sisters and best friends to an intimate micro-wedding in the sun.  This could be on a beach, on a boat or in a beautiful hotel. Where would you choose to hold a multi-venue wedding?

You could consider multi-city ceremonies.  Are there several cities you always wanted to visit?  Why not book a celebrant and celebrate your love for one another in each European city, it´s not unheard of!   As it´s just the two of you, you get to have an extended wedding day along with extended honeymoon, stay in beautiful hotels and spend your hard-earned cash on you!  It´s something to consider, just putting it out there!


What you want!

Think about what you want, what´s important to you.  Having to have a smaller more intimate wedding may not be so bad!  It does give you the excuse not to invite those you don´t really want to attend but feel obliged to invite as they are family!  In Spain the wedding industry is still able to cater for up to 150 people as we are able have weddings outside, with over 300 days sunshine each year most days are a great day for a wedding.  All those involved in weddings are well versed with social distancing and keeping everyone safe.  

Preloved dresses!

It’s would be great to have that designer dress but if it´s not in your budget, think about looking at preloved dresses.  You get to have a designer dress at a substantially lower cost, and you are helping to save the planet.  

What is your luxury going to be?

So, what is your luxury going to be, is it going to be the white princess dress on a beach, splashing out on flowers, splurging on champagne, or is it being able to have all your family and friends around you? 


Just the two of you!

Will you choose to have just the two of you in attendance, with a celebrant who has written your ceremony for you, something different, something that someone has never heard before.  Someone who will celebrate with you in a beautiful intimate setting.  After which you pop off to a Michelin starred restaurant for a gourmet meal together.

I love to celebrate life´s important moments and for me, it´s simple!  A luxury wedding is two people in love, wearing what makes them feel fabulous, speaking beautiful words to one another with a lone musician playing in the background.  Congratulating them with a glass of fizz and then watching them go off into the sunset as they start their life together.  Click here to find out more about a unique wedding ceremony written just for you.

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