Every year Pantone release the colour of the year.  The colours for 2021 are “Ultimate Grey” and “Illuminating Yellow” which got me thinking, it’s your wedding, which colour will you choose?

I chose black for my wedding.  I didn’t want to be different, it was my second marriage, I wanted something I could wear again on special occasions.  I tried on every dress in the store and eventually the only one I liked turned out to be black.  So that’s the one I went with, it was meant to be!

My question to you is two-fold!  What colour will you choose and why?  Colour has the ability to change our emotion and can symbolise different things.  So here, I’ll tell you a little about each colour, and hopefully give you a little inspiration for your choice. 


Well! We have to start with the traditional colour, from the western world’s point of view anyway!  White, in the old days was a symbol of purity, to wear white as a bride meant she was untouched.  Many of us see it as the colour of peace and cleanliness which also aligns with purity and innocence.  



Pink is associated with romance, femininity and kindness.  It’s seen as a nurturing colour with a calming influence.  Those who choose pink could be seen as kind, loving and generous.  It’s also seen as a very feminine colour.  So, if you love frills and all things feminine, this may be one of the colours you lean towards.



Green is the colour of nature and balance.  It’s the colour of home, the garden, nature and the mountains.  Someone who is at one with nature and loves to be outdoors may feel comfortable in choosing this colour.  It’s also the colour of money “greenbacks”, and it’s the colour of the heart chakra, the seat of love.



Blue is calming, blue is the colour of the sea and sky.  It’s the colour of stability, reliability and fidelity.  You can always rely on blue to be there, loyal and true!  Blue’s the colour of the throat chakra, the site of communication and expression, wearing blue will make a statement.



Wow!  I love red.  Red’s the colour of power, passion and heat.  We give red roses on St Valentine’s day but is this the colour of love or lust?  I will let you decide on that one!  Eastern cultures see red as a good luck colour and traditionally wear red on their wedding day.  Red is the colour of the base chakra, the root.  Roots keep us grounded and secure, roots are powerful things.  They’ve kept large redwood and oak trees standing for 100’s of years.  It takes a strength to wear red.



Black’s a powerful colour which absorbs light and heat.  Black is strong,  independent and confident.  Black is elegant, we all have a LBD in our wardrobe don’t we?  Black can be seen as the “darkness” and as “sadness” however I prefer to see it as the beginning, darkness is that out of which the sun appeared and we begin to see our future.  Black is mysterious and seductive.



Gray is formal and balanced, a neutral that doesn’t overpower.  It’s elegant and understated.  It’s the colour of age, and with age comes knowledge and maturity.  The colour of a leader, one who allows others to shine, one to bring balance without becoming the centre of attention.  A good strong accent colour.  



Yellow is the colour of the sun, of happiness and is full of fun.  It lifts the spirit and stimulates us mentally, giving a  feeling of good health.  After all, we always feel happier and so much better with a little sun on our bodies, don’t we?  Yellow is optimism, enthusiasm and very confident.  It’s the colour of solar plexus chakra, the stomach and abdomen.  We have a large plexus of nerves in this area so this is where a lot of feeling arises, “butterflies in the stomach”.


I think grey and yellow are fabulous colours for 2021, elegant and understated, yet optimistic and full of confidence, just what we need for the coming year.  Whatever colour you choose, choose it for you, because it means something to you.  It’s your day, so do it your way!  And if you want colour, but also want the traditional white dress, then use colour in everything thing else; flowers, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen’s suits, stationery and table settings.  So, it’s Your Wedding! Which Colour? I would love to hear about the colours you choose for your day, so drop me a line here and let me know.